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The Mentalist The Complete Second Season
Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti
23 episodes 5 DVD
Warner Home Video 2010

The Mentalist is a very good mystery TV series. Unlike most current crime shows, this one relies on solving the puzzle to catch the criminal, allowing the viewer to try and solve the case along with the detectives. The main character and his California Bureau of Investigations partners rely on brains more than brawn to solve the murder. If you enjoy TV mystery series like Lie To Me, you are certainly going to enjoy the 23 episode 5 DVD The Mentalist The Complete Second Season.

Simon Baker is Patrick Jane, a former fake psychic. He antagonized a serial killer named Red John and Red John killed his wife and child. Jane dropped the act and now uses his fine tuned powers of observation to help the CBI solve crimes. Of course, his desire to catch Red John is always in the backstory.

The Mentalist is fun to watch. The plots are clever without being too much so. The CBI crew is made up of interesting and diverse characters who grow as the show progresses. Patrick Jane is quirky enough to be fun without being too weird.

The show uses some well worn mystery TV plots like the supposedly haunted house and its treasure, chefs all being suspect when one of them dies during a contest, ye olde investigator in jail solving a jailhouse killing, and the always reliable guy got poisoned and only has X hours to live unless something. This said, The Mentalist makes these standard plots work and fun to watch for even the most jaded couch potato sleuth.

There are major developments in episode 8 of season 2 (DVD 2) that change the show dynamics somewhat. Episode 10 reveals a bit about Jane's childhood as a carny.

The season ender is rather lame.

Special features on The Mentalist The Complete Second Season are deleted scenes; Mentalism A Subliminal Art a 10-part featurette with a real life mentalist named Luke Jermay; The Art of The Mentalist with producer Christ Long and how they apply it to the show.