15th Affair
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Women s Murder Club Series
Little, Brown and Company 2016
384 pages


15th Affair is the new Women’s Murder Club novel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. It begins with a homicide at the Four Seasons Hotel. The last person to see the victim alive is unidentified, and missing. No fingerprints are found at the scene, and two additional bodies are discovered in the next room. This is only the beginning.

Are the murders connected? It is up to Sergeant Lindsay Boxer to find out.  15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club) on Kindle

The happiness of her idyllic home life and new baby is put on hold as she delves into the investigation.

Her bliss is further shattered by a a shocking secret that threatens to tear her life apart, a husband who is nowhere to be found, and a catastrophe that grabs terror-stricken San Francisco by the throat.

The close-knit Women’s Murder Club is there to keep her grounded, and help her crack the case.

15th Affair is a gripping and exciting mystery from the start. Easy to read and get immersed in, it is well-written and smooth. The plot thickens, as terrorism, espionage and questionable loyalties are added to the mix. With a lot happening, there are plenty of unexpected twists that keep the reader guessing and always interested.

Although there are on-going story lines developing in Lindsay’s life and connected to the group of friends, you do not have to be familiar with other Women’s Murder Club mysteries to enjoy this one.

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