The Secrets She Keeps
Michael Robotham
Scribner 2018
384 pages


Now THIS is a good book!  With it, Michael Robotham has become a favourite author, with his next work greatly anticipated.

The Secrets She Keeps is Robotham’s latest thriller, and thrill it does.  The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel Kindle

Written in a first person narrative, it follows the parallel but intersecting lives of two seemingly diverse women.  Agatha is a stocking clerk at a local grocery store who dreams of true love and a better life.  Envied and admired by Agatha, Megan Shaughnessy is a woman who appears to have it all; a loving and successful husband, two enthusiastic children and a “higher” level of friends.  Both are expecting.  That becomes the tie that binds.

They meet and exchange pleasantries at the grocery store.  This leads them to become casual friends.

Seemingly innocent and benign, there is something creepy and unbalanced about Agatha.  Soon we realize just how disturbed and cunning she is, and how deep her river of deceit runs.  Likewise, we discover that the perfect Megan is no angel and like all families, hers is flawed.

We know that something sinister is in the works.

What follows is an exciting page-turner that draws us into the lives and minds of both women.  We can feel their pain and understand their motivation to keep secrets and maintain facades.

Michael Robotham is an expert at weaving intricate characters who get into your head, because they seem so real.  He inserts shockers at just the right time to change the tone and throw the reader off base into a new line of thinking.

The Secrets She Keeps is a book that compels you to abandon your daily routine to keep reading.  It is excellent at all levels.

If life is a box of chocolates where you never know what you’re going to get, Robotham’s books hold up.  You never know what twists and turns will come your way, but the quality is nothing but the best.