Fade to Blonde is a convoluted and boring thriller by Max Phillips. Boring is not something one normally associates with the Hard Case Crime imprimatur but boring it is.

Blonde damsel in distress Rebecca LaFontaine, if that is her real name, hires Ray Corson to protect her from bad guy Lance Halliday. Ray Corson is a handyman and jack of all trades a bit down on his luck. He takes the job.

He soon discovers Rebecca cannot get her story straight and none of her other stories make sense. That is also the problem with Fade to Blonde by Max Phillips. Phillips cannot get any of his numerous plot lines to work so he keeps getting Rebecca to change the scenario. There is lots going on in Fade to Blonde but nothing happens.

This makes for a mess of a thriller you will only finish if you are pigheaded enough to get through it.

Fade to Blonde by Max Phillips is a rare but huge miss for the Hard Case Crime line of hard boiled thrillers.

Fade to Blonde
Max Phillips
Hard Case Crime 2004
220 pages

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