Dressed to Kill Blu-ray
Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, Michael Caine
Directed by Brian DePalma
Originally released 1980
MGM Home Entertainment 2011

Once you get past its twenty-five minute opening where DePalma indulges in an exercise in style and soft core porn Dressed To Kill is a pretty decent thriller. The Blu-ray features the 105 minute Unrated version. The special features are pretty decent.

Angie Dickinson plays a milf who visits her shrink (a sometimes shrill Michael Caine), picks up a guy in a museum, and has a roll in the hay. She leaves him, gets in an elevator, and is slashed to death by a blonde woman in dark sunglasses. Liz Blake (Nancy Allen), who was working a gentleman at that hotel is a witness.

It turns out the killer is one of the shrink’s patients. She is now after Blake. This creates a captivating cat-and-mouse situation.

Other players include the milf’s computer wizard son and Detective Marino (Dennis Franz) who both work the case. The son uses a few technological tricks to crack the case and though these are now dated this set-up adds to the movie.

DePalma sure knows how to make a thriller. If only he stopped showing off.

Special features for Dressed to Kill Blu-ray are The Making of documentary with Brian De Palma, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, and Dennis Franz (44 minutes); Unrated, R-Rated and TV-Rated Comparison Featurette; Slashing Dressed to Kill Featurette; An Appreciation by Keith Gordon Featurette; Animated Photo Gallery; Theatrical Trailer