Who’s Harry Crumb? Blu-ray
John Candy, Shawnee Smith
Originally released 1989
Mill Creek Entertainment 2018

John Candy stars in Who’s Harry Crumb, a very good comedy mystery that is certain to entertain. Who’s Harry Crumb is lightweight fare in which Candy gets to show off his talents for creating characters and physical comedy but there is enough of a detective element to keep mystery fans interested.

Harry Crumb is the latest in a long line of famous Crumb private eyes but he has not lived up to the family’s standards. Consequently, he has been relegated to a small office somewhere in middle America where he can do no harm.

When an heiress is kidnapped, her father immediately goes to the Crum Agency. The viewer is immediately suspicious when the agency’s boss says he “will put his best man on the job” and then calls for John Candy.

Of course, Harry Crumb turns out to be more clever and smart than he is believed to be but he is also extremely lucky in his inquest. He gets assistance from the heiress’ sister played by Shawnee Smith (Becker and Anger Management). Her assistance and support prove invaluable.

If you are in the mood for a fun, well-made, lightweight but not stupid comedy mystery, Who’s Harry Crumb is a good bet.

The retro VHS tape jacket on this release is cool. It is unfortunate there are no special features.

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