My Little Eye
Stephanie Marland
Trapeze 2019

Can you catch a killer? The premise behind My Little Eye, is that maybe you can.

My Little Eye is the debut crime thriller by Stephanie Marland; the alter ego of writer and blogger Steph Broadribb. My Little Eye on Kindle:  My Little Eye: A mega-twisty, gripping crime thriller that will leave you breathless

A serial killer is on the loose. Despite their best efforts, London authorities are stymied. The populace is outraged by what they view as incompetence, so a clandestine on-line group of anonymous citizens band together to gather information track down the killer themselves to discredit the police.

Clementine is an anxiety-prone loner. Working on her doctorate, she is convinced that social media can be successfully utilized to catch killers. She sets out to prove her thesis by anonymously infiltrating the very group that intends to do so. A dangerous venture, she must succeed before her own dark past overtakes her.

My Little Eye follows not only Clementine, but Detective Inspector Dominic Bell who is on the other side of the fence is juggling personal issues and the stressful internal scrutiny of a previous case.

They each get deeper and deeper into their investigations. Eventually their paths cross, and serious consequences ensue.

Stephanie Marland is a very good writer. She builds and thrills, and keeps readers interested, in suspense, and on their toes. The social media concept is a refreshing angle that makes My Little Eye compelling and not run of the mill. The book is exciting and easy to read. What makes it even more chilling, is that this day and age of social media connections makes its premise entirely plausible.

You can find multiple books by Steph Broadribb, namely her Lori Anderson series:  Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson Book 1) There will likely be more written under the name of Stephanie Marland. If they are as good as My Little Eye, they will be worth looking for.

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