Jackpot is the eight Tony Valentine thriller by James Swain. Tony Valentine is a retired cop whose retirement consists in busting grifters and other various casino cheaters. He is ably and comically aided by his retired neighbor Mabel Struck.

Jackpot is one of the excellent and quick paced Tony Valentine mysteries. The premise is someone within the Las Vegas gambling protection board is cheating and beating the system. This may be even bigger than it seems.

What makes Jackpot stand out from other James Swain thrillers is the villain. Bronco Marchese is an old-time nemesis of Tony Valentine and the fate of both men comes to a head in this adventure. Marchese is a well-developped character and some of his actions will surprise even a veteran mystery novel reader.

The ending is an edge of your seat affair where both plots come to conclusion full speed ahead. You will not regret gambling on Jackpot by James Swain

A Tony Valentine thriller
James Swain
Originally published 2010

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