Lullaby Town is third Elvis Cole thriller by Robert Crais. It features an exciting and original plot, solid characters, and a pace that makes it hard to put down.

Elvis Cole is hired by big time and petulant Hollywood director Peter Alan Nelsen to find the wife and child he dropped like dead weight just before his career took off. Finding Karen Lloyd is not that hard for a detective like Elvis Cole. The problem is Karen Lloyd does not want to be found and neither do her mafia bosses.

Like any good detective, Elvis Cole is warned off the case by some goons and like any good detective this just gets him more motivated and gives him a reason to call in his sidekick Joe Pike.

Getting the mafia boss to let go of his hold on Karen involves discovering betrayal and this soon turns into a bloodbath. The fact Peter Alan Nelsen does not listen to his detective and keeps getting in the way sure does not help.

Robert Crais’s Lullaby Town is an excellent thriller that makes you want to read more in the series. The series itself weakens a bit as it goes along but the mysteries are still a good read.

Lullaby Town
An Elvis Cole mystery
Robert Crais
Originally published 1992

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