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512 pages

Pocket Premium edition (August 28, 2007)

Vince Flynn's Act of Treason is the first time in a long time I've read a book that deserved to be referred to as a: Taut political thriller.

Flynn is a good and effective writer who clearly puts a lot of time and effort into research into his novels. Act of Treason gives one thing away from the start the idea that someone has committed treason. The fact that no one in the novel actually legally commits treason is actually beside the point because like so many things in politics perception is more important than fact.

In the indefinite world of politics and international intrigue the only thing anyone can be assured of is that nothing is as it appears. CIA director Irene Kennedy knows this better than most but one thing she is sure of is that the President Elect and Vice President Elect are going to put an end to her career and that of Mitch Rabb. The likelihood of her losing her job went from certain to dead certain when the wife of the President Elect is killed in a terrorist attack on American soil during the electoral campaign. Mitch Rabb of course is put on the case and that is when things get seriously interesting.

There is just about anything you could want in this novel. Most people do what is in their own best interest most of the time and in that respect the characters are well defined and behave in believable ways. This is one political thriller that does not disappoint.