Getaway is an intense psychological thriller by author Zoje Stage.

Three old and formerly dear friends set out to trek the Grand Canyon. The confident no-nonsense Beck is a physician. The reticent Imogen is a budding writer whose imploded life is shaped by trauma. They are closely bonded sisters and experienced hikers. An influencer wanna be, the outspoken and adventurous Tilda, is their friend from school. The best thing about her hiking skills is her outfit.
Unbeknownst to the others, Beck has engineered the reunion to enable the other two to reconnect and mend ancient fences.

Hiking the beautiful and rugged terrain goes according to plan until Imogen’s sense that they are not alone is confirmed. Their supplies are ransacked while they step away from their camp.
A bold move precipitates their being entangled with a very bad yet darkly fascinating man who is injured and desperate to escape the authorities.

What follows is a powerful white-knuckle experience. Their very survival is at stake.
Getaway is chilling. As the plot builds from innocent to intense, it releases fear into the atmosphere where it expands like an ominous cloud. We can’t help but be drawn in and completely mesmerized, sharing the characters’ uneasiness and dread.

Zoje Stage is an expert at setting the stage and controlling the mood as we hike along with the trio, think their thoughts and feel their trepidation at every literal and figurative precipice.
Imogen, with her brooding impulses and terrifying choices is especially compelling

Some books are so well written and the characters seem so real, that you have to get back to them, and when the story is over, you don’t want to let them go. Getaway is one of them.
Read it. You’ll see what I mean.

Zoje Stage
Mulholland Books 2021
352 pages

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