The Name of the Rose Blu-ray
Sean Connery, Christian Slater
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Originally released 1986
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

The Name Of The Rose Blu-ray belongs in the “took you long enough” category. This is an excellent historical and religious mystery that is very aware of his Holmesian overtones. Though in high definition, the film is not quite as crisp as other Blu-rays but this does not stop the viewer from appreciating the many tones and subtleties of Annaud’s monastery.

Sean Connery plays Franciscan monk William of Baskerville. Baskerville arrives at a Benedictine monastery accompanied by Adso, his protégé. He is there to be part of an important conventum that will determine the fate of the church –telling what the topic is exactly would be a spoiler. While the monks await the Pope’s envoys and other Franciscans a series of mysterious deaths occur. Baskerville suspects foul play, the monks see it as the work of the devil.

The Name of the Rose is based on the Umberto Eco novel that not that many people have read. As a book to screen adaptation and a mystery it really works. At the same time some of the story elements such as the existence of comedy and the importance of the manuscripts and books that are at the center of the mystery are given short shrift.

I am not a fan of movies that are over 2 hours long but The Name of the Rose is one of very few that warrant the length and make it work. If you are looking for an unusual and fascinating mystery Blu-ray, this is it.

Special features on The Name of the Rose Blu-ray are a 45-minute subtitled documentary on the movie, a commentary track by Jean-Jacques Annaud, trailer, and a photo video journey with the director.