Damages The Complete Third Season
Glenn Close, Rose Byrne
13 episodes 3 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

Damages is a TV thriller you have to pay careful attention to if you are to fully get the ongoing story and its many, many complexities. The episodes themselves feature flashforwards to events later on or at season’s end. The case itself is based on a Bernie Madoff situation and lacks a bit of drama to really carry the plot. Damages The Complete Third Season features 13 episodes on 3 DVD.

Glenn Close plays tough, very successful, and not always honest attorney Patty Hewes. Her protégé Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) now works for the D.A. Hewes is in charge of finding the millions Louis Tobin defrauded from his investors. Tobin’s son is at first horrified by his father’s actions but eventually comes to his financial senses. He is helped in that by Tobin family attorney Leonard Winstone (a great performance by Martin Short). Through flashforwards you learn some of these people are going to be killed off later on.

Not only do you really need to pay attention to enjoy the third season of Damages but you also need to be familiar with seasons 1 and 2 to fully understand the dynamics of the main characters. This is perhaps asking a lot from most viewers.

If you are a bit maniacal about TV mystery series and are able to fully focus at all times Damages is an excellent show. If not, the show is good but frustrating.

Special features on Damages Season Three are Cast and Crew Commentary for two episodes, deleted scenes, and a blooper reel.