Fox Home Entertainment 2012

The Glades is a very good murder mystery show. It has a nice sense of humor, strong women characters, and good story lines. It is also rather low on the gore factor, something that will please a squeamish audience. Unfortunately, season two goes for two soap opera style romantic triangles that get in the way of good stories. The Glades The Complete Second Season features 13 episodes on 4 DVD.

Matt Passmore is excellent as Florida detective Jim Longworth. Lognworth is a very smart cop. He is involved with Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez), a nurse and single mother whose husband is now out on parole. His boss (Michelle Hurd) is a no-nonsense cop who knows Longworth is as good as he thinks he is so gives him room to maneuver.

The stories in The Glades Season Two include a missing baby, a serial killer out of Longworth’s past, a crime in a town where circus freaks retired, snakes in a church, bootleggers, and a hostage crisis. Crime wise they are very good.

The one thing that really, really does not work in season two is the romantic complications between Longworth, Callie, his former partner from Chicago in town because of the serial killer, and Callie’s now released from prison husband. It’s just a little too soap-operatic to my taste.

Look for comic Judy Gold as a suspect in Gibtown.