The Following Season 1
Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy
3 Blu-ray or 4 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2013

Do not start watching the fifteen season 1 episodes of The Following unless you know for a fact you have lots of time ahead of you. This very addictive adrenalin pumping thriller is very smart, on the gory / violent side, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Season One of The Following is available as 4 DVD or 3 Blu-ray or a combo pack that also includes the Ultraviolet version.

Kevin Bacon plays former FBI agent Ryan Hardy who was forced to retire after being injured catching serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy). When Carroll escapes, Hardy is back on the case.

This immediately becomes a complex and dangerous task as Carroll has grown himself a following who do his bidding. You never know if one of the new characters is legit or one of Carroll’s followers. This keeps everyone including the viewer guessing and also allows for a few legitimate plot twists and surprises.

The Following works not only because of Kevin Bacon’s performance or how evil and clever Joe Carroll is but also because there’s always something new going on. Granted, the events around the isolated farmhouse take a bit too long to come to a head but the rest of the show rolls along at a good pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you enjoy smart, rather violent and gory, complex thrillers, you are going to love season one of The Following.

There are a few Special Features for The Following Season One that aree spoilers if their title is revealed. Others include¬† Maximum Episode Mode for the pilot; The Creator Behind The Following; Inside the Followers; Production Chronicles; The Followers’ Den; Commentary on the season finale episode; and deleted scenes for some episodes.