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Patricia Arquette, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber
5 DVDs
684 minutes
Paramount Home Video

Medium is a really cool, captivating, and fun TV mystery series. A premise that would normally kill a show, a woman has premonitions about murders and crime, is here exploited with just the right balance of believability and eerie stuff. What makes Medium such a great TV mystery show is the acting (Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois, Miguel Sandoval as D.A. Manuel Delanos, and Jake Weber as Allison Dubois' husband), of course, but especially the writing, something that was a staple of producer Glen Gordon Cameron's previous series Moonlighting.

Allison Dubois, Patricia Arquette, is a medium. She sees dead people, how they died, who did it, and so on. The problem is she often sees these things in her dreams and wakes up screaming. This brings my favorite moment in Medium The Complete First Season when one of her daughters, who was sleeping next to her, says "Mommy, you have to stop doing that!"

What I like about this show is the main character is definitely real and believable. Allison Dubois is a medium who has a normal family and goes through the normal stress of getting the kids to school and dealing with a husband who loves her but is really not thrilled with his wife's powers. She is also someone uncomfortable with her powers as a medium which makes the series that much more believable.

Medium The Complete First Season opens with the series pilot which does a great job of laying the groundwork for this TV mystery show. Allison's husband, a little tired of his wife's dreams and premonitions, convinces her to send out descriptions of the crime she sees to various police forces and see what happens. A Texas Ranger calls her up and flies her down though he is really not convinced with this entire I see dead people medium mumbo-jumbo. Patricia Arquette has to prove to both the viewer and the Texas Ranger that she is for real and she does both.

Medium is a very intelligent television mystery show. Medium The Complete First Season is good but the menu from which you choose episodes should be revised for future DVD box sets. It is sometimes impossible, as on DVD 1, to find the icon for episode selection in the background image. The box set includes the aired and unaired version of the pilot episode, deleted scenes, and the usual episode commentary.