Like a Sister is the third mystery novel by Kellye Garrett. It is a leisurely paced whodunit and a good read

Desiree Pierce, famous for being on the internet and once on a reality TV show, is found dead in a low rent New York city neighbourhood. There are track marks on her thigh. Her half sister Lena immediately thinks something is fishy because of the trope that although a coke addict the victimn would never have done heroin.

Lena takes time off her studies, lots of time off from her studies, to investigate her sister’s death. She starts suspecting Erin, Desiree’s best friend. Lena also thinks the murder has something to do with a DUI Desiree was accused of and got off on a few years back.

Set in the Black community, Like a Sister introduces those unfamiliar with that world to a rich and interesting world. See it as a bonus for those, like me, unfamiliar with that culture.

Being an impatient reader, I found Like a Sister by Kellye Garrett a bit too long but that is probably just me.

Like a Sister
Kellye Garrett
Mulholland Books 2022
308 pages

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