Jeff Abbott
Grand Central Publishing 2017
384 pages

Blame is an exciting new thriller by Jeff Abbott. Kindle version at Amazon: Blame

Seventeen year-old Jane Norton was behind the wheel when her car crashed and claimed the life of David Hall, her dear friend and neighbour. It is believed that she intended to kill them both. Jane struggles with no memory of the event, or the three years preceding it. She cannot remember friends she met in high school, her father’s death, or the person she was.

Jane receives a taunting post from a Liv Danger, who says she knows what happened that fateful night and threatens to reveal the truth, so “all will pay”. The same phrase is found scrawled across David’s tombstone.

While frightening, the post spurs Jane into action. Her new purpose is to find the real identity of Liv Danger and see what she knows. Because she is blamed for the accident, and ostracized by most of her peers, she does not know who to trust.

Jane retraces and discovers her own story while her search takes her into a world of shocking secrets and unforgivable betrayal that lurks beneath what accounts for normalcy.

Abbot expertly weaves an intricate, intense and complex thriller that gets more exciting and addictive as you go along. His twists are chilling and completely unexpected. From family and supportive friends, to loose cannons, his characters are compelling. Their emotions that feel raw and real. Abbot leaves you wanting more.

Blame is easily one of the better books I have read this year. I tried putting it down, but just couldn’t. I will definitely seek out further mystery novels by Jeff Abbott