Broken Monsters
Lauren Beukes
Mulholland Books 2014
448 pages

A thriller featuring one hell of an original and interesting villain should not after a while put off a reader. This is, unfortunately, what Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes does. Clayton Broom is one hell of an original villain but he becomes a secondary character in a thriller filled with other secondary characters There are so many superfluous scenes you become afraid of moving on to the next chapter and get stalled once again. Kindle at Amazon

Clayton Broom creates mixed media scuptures that include part of human bodies. He is also quite crazy. Lauren  Beukes excels at conveying that crazy and getting the reader interested in it. The problem is there are also stories about Jonno, a guy who wants to be a journalist; bits about a scounging homeless man named TK, and a single mom detective and her teen daughter who plays Nancy Drew with internet pedophiles.

Quite simply, it is too much for one novel or Lauren Beukes to handle.

The climax is good but as overfilled as the rest of this thriller