Bones Never Lie
Kathy Reichs
Simon & Schuster 2014
360 pages

Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs is the latest murder mystery by forensic anthropologist and producer of TV’s Bones.

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan is summoned to a meeting with the Charlotte, NC Homicide Cold Case Unit, to work on the 2007 unsolved murder of a 12 year-old girl, which sends her memory spinning to another similar and disturbing case.  Kindle version

Anique Pomerleau is a name Brennan can’t forget.  A prime suspect in the abduction and deaths of several young girls in Quebec, she is the one that got away.  The newly recognized case and others fit Anique’s perp and victim profiles.

Brennan is sent to find Andrew Ryan, the lead detective on the Pomerleau case, and her former lover.  He has been in seclusion due to a personal tragedy.  He reluctantly joins forces, and they mobilize to crack the case before other children die.

Parallel is the relationship between Temperance and her intrepid mother, which is interesting and in flux.  Ironically, it is the tenacious Mom who provides information crucial to the case.

Kathy Reichs’ characters are real and well developed.  Using excellent descriptions and flashbacks, the readers sees what Brennan sees.  We get into her head to know why her motivation is so strong, and why the case is so personal.

Bones Never Lie is a very good read.  Kathy Reichs has a way with words.  She sets up and delivers a very suspenseful, interesting and sometimes creepy and disturbing page-turner.  New questions are always opening up, and with twists and turns you can’t see coming, the plot hooks you and carries you along.

Everything leads to a shocking conclusion.

There is a big wrap up at the end which provides crucial information and clarification.  Although stunning, it is a lot to digest and consolidate.

This reader did not enjoy the part of the ending that focuses on Temperance’s personal life, but then again, having never read Reichs other books, or followed Bones, I don’t know the characters.  Fans may have different opinions.

That being said, I look forward to reading other Kathy Reichs novels.