Laurence Shames delivers another weird and funny crime caper in Tropical Swap. Tropical Swap is a fun, light read that doesn’t require too much involvement. At the same time it satisfies the need for a good read. This is the tenth book in Laurence Shames Key West Capers. You do not need to have read previous thrillers to enjoy this one.

NYC couple Meg and Peter Kaplan do a last-minute house swap with Benny in Key West. Little do the know Benny the Key West man is a mobster reluctantly going to New York City to do a hit for his father in law.

The Kaplans soon learn they are in a pickle. Benny’s wife is unaware of the swap and comes back home.

Tropical Swap also includes impossible love, a major mafiosi, a Hispanic criminal, and an FBI agent falling out of a palm tree.

Key West Capers series regular Bert the Shirt also makes an appearance or two.

Laurence Shame‘s  Tropical Swap is simply a fun, light read in the Florida weird tradition. That is sometimes what one is looking for.

Tropical Swap
Laurence Shames
Southernmost Press 2015
188 pages

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