Virgin Heat by Laurence Shames is the fifth mystery in his Key West Caper series. Unfortunately, though set in Key West there is not much of a caper here. Laurence Shames is a comic mystery writer but there are few comic moments in this rather complicated and convoluted novel. Even Key West Caper perennial Bert the Shirt is absent from this adventure.

29-year-old virgin and mobster daughter Angelina Amarro is pining for her long lost boyfriend. Said boyfriend is in the witness protection program in Key West. When her uncle Louie returns from a vacation in Key West, Angelina thinks she recognizes the boyfriend on the video the uncle made.

Lots of stuff happens and the entire Amarro family ends up in Key West. This includes family boss Paulie, the man the boyfriend sold up the river. A complicated and somewhat hard to follow plot later and things come to a head.

Will the boyfriend survive being discovered by Paulie Amarro? Will Angelina Amarro find her true love and consummate it? The reader ends up not really caring even if he or she read this Laurence Shames mystery to its climax just to see how it ends.

If you like comic mystery novels you should check out Tim Dorsey

Virgin Heat
Key West Caper #5
Laurence Shames

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