Kayla’s Gone is everything you expect from a great thriller. A solid protagonist, great secondary characters, and one hell of a plot. All of that supported by strong writing that never drops the ball.

You know from the start you are in good hands with writer Steve Sabo.

Mark Spence, the antagonist in Steve Sabo’s Jester’s Run, is now a retired government agent. He is not convinced his former employer will let him live in peace but has no choice to run to the rescue when Morgan LaFlare, also a character in Jester’s Run, sends out a call for help. Her fourteen year old daughter is missing.

Spence is everything a private detective is supposed to be without ever becoming a cliche. Sabo’s skill at giving him a believable background and inner life make Spence a character the reader immediately likes. Sabo also gives Mark Spence a sense of humor the reader can only appreciate.

Kayla’s Gone is also cleverly plotted. Sabo is a very smart writer so he manages to get Kayla’s background information to the reader in a way that requires no willing suspension of disbelief and makes perfect sense. This information is key to the novel but also key to keeping the reader on board once this thriller gets rolling.

This thriller is perfectly paced and climaxes at just the right moment. I cannot recommend Kayla’s Gone strongly enough.

By the way, one does not need to be familiar with Jester’s Run to enjoy Kayla’s Gone but it too is a great read.

Kayla’s Gone
Steve Sabo
Independently Published 2021

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