Save Me is the first mystery novel featuring FBI agent Katie Winter. Author Molly Black is also the author of the Maya Gray FBI thriller series, the Rylie Wolf FBI suspense series, The Ruby Hunter FBI series, and the Taylor Sage, you guessed it, FBI mystery novels. Save Me was available as a free Kindle download so I figured what the hell.

What the hell is a pretty fair assessment of this novel. It features the following tropes: the agent who must reluctantly return to the place she grew up and where she had a childhood trauma, the lone serial killer on a rampage, and the reluctant pairing with a new partner. As mystery novels go, Save Me is rather generic.

This does not mean it is not interesting. Molly Black can create solid characters and her plotting and pacing is quite good. I could have done with one less scene where the agents almost get lost in the wintery forest as it makes the climax a bit repetitive.

Will I continue reading the Katie Winter series? Only time will tell. I do not regret reading this one and would feel the same had I shelled out buckage for it.

Save Me
Molly Black
A Katie Winter Mystery

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