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The Black Ice – A Harry Bosch Mystery
Michael Connelly
443 pages Paperback

I began reading The Black Ice, Michael Connelly’s second of many Harry Bosch mystery novels, just days after news footage captured the devastating inferno that roared through California and reduced multimillion dollar homes to ashes. Written over a decade earlier, that is how The Black Ice begins. Kindle: The Black Ice (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 2)

Here, Detective Harry Bosch is still an emerging character, yet everything faithful Connelly fans have come to love and admire about him is already on target. A complex individual, Bosch is a lone wolf, a renegade. Driven by an insatiable need to uncover the truth, he has the courage to risk, to buck the system, and push the limits.

Bosch’s pit-bull tenacity and the knowledge deep in his guy that something is not right propels him through dangerous territory, working a case that the force would rather see evaporate and forgotten; one linked to multiple murders.

Rumored to be working on the other side of the fence, Calexico Moore, a missing narcotics officer is found in a dingy motel room dead of an apparent suicide. A puzzling note is found in his back pocket.

Bosch’s unauthorized investigation leads him across the border to Mexico, the source of black ice, a dirty drug cocktail being smuggled to the northern market. There, he uncovers Moore’s deepest secrets. International connections run tangled and deep and point to a wealthy and powerful mastermind.

With The Black Ice readers are immediately plunged into the excitement of the drug that is black ice. Here, Connelly displays his early skill with a tightly choreographed, intricate, and increasingly complex plot.

Connelly’s understanding of the human psyche is evident in the depth and intensity of Harry Bosch. Revealing glimpses into Bosch’s childhood pain and adult experiences provide us with insight into his layered and complex personality. The character is as real in this second mystery as he will be in later novels.

This second Harry Bosch mystery can be read independently from the series. It does provide information essential to the truth about the main character that lies dormant and does not resurface again until The Brass Verdict.