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Nine Dragons – A Harry Bosch Mystery
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company 2009
374 pages hardcover.

It had to happen eventually. Michael Connelly has written an ordinary Harry Bosch mystery. Nine Dragons is decent enough but not up to par with past Connelly mystery novels. Nine Dragons is a generic mystery novel where Harry Bosch could just as easily have been Harry Smith. The reveal is disappointing and not even worthy of O’Henry. Kindle: Nine Dragons (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 14)

In Nine Dragons Detective Harry Bosch is called to a liquor store where the shop owner has been killed. He dramatically promises the Li family he will find their father’s killer. The crime ties in to the Triads and when Bosch gets close to someone who might be the killer, he gets a message to back off the case and another message that makes this case very personal.

Bosch reunites with his ex and the mother of his daughter and a whole bunch of stuff happens. Mickey Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer, makes a guest appearance at the end of Nine Dragons.

This Michael Connelly mystery does not meet the author’s usual standards. The drama here is thinly fabricated, the tension even more so, and events happen for no particular reason. There is a major twist that Bosch shrugs off as easily as the reader does. Characters are set up to be important but vanish immediately after their role in this fabricated mystery is done.

Even hard core Bosch mystery fans will want to wait for the paperback version of Nine Dragons.

Michael Connelly introduces 9 Dragons