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I?ll Bury My Dead
James Hadley Chase
Harlequin 2009
298 pages

Pulp fiction mystery novelist if finally back in print with I’ll Bury My Dead and You Never Know With Women. This reprint is part of Harlquin’s 60th anniversary celebration. Who knew Harlequin started out publishing mystery novels too. An added bonus is Harlequin is not gouging the customer with these titles as I’ll Bury My Dead, the other James Hadley Chase titles, and others are a very reasonable 6 bucks.

This James Hadley Chase mystery opens in New York City where self-made man Nick English is riding high on the ladder of success. He’s got everything going for him and has great plans. His less than ambitious brother Roy is found dead of an apparent suicide, Roy’s mistress is also found dead of an apparent suicide, and Nick English tries to diminish the repercussions on his great plans while investigating his brother’s murder.

I’ll Bury My Dead is a classic fifties page turner hardboiled mystery novel. There are more bodies in this Hadley Chase book than in many other whodunits combined. The characters are clearly defined but not stereotypical, the writing and language taught and to the point, and the complex plot is still easy to follow and go along with.

It was nice to reacquaint with James Hadley Chase, perhaps best known for his first mystery No Orchids For Miss Blandish which was made into a movie at least twice.

Here’s hoping this reissue series by Harlequin is not just a flash in the pan but the beginning of a long series of good, classic pulp fiction reads.