While My Pretty One Sleeps
Mary Higgins Clark
Read by Jessica Walter
Simon & Schuster Audioworks
180 minutes.
The words of Mary Higgins Clark have a decided advantage when it comes to audio versions of her books – her stories sound good. That may sound like an obvious statement but it doesn’t apply to all writers. If you pick up While My Pretty One Sleeps and read it out loud you will notice the smooth flow and easy sound of the words. That simple easy style is partly responsible for Mary Higgins Clark’s success the other part is that she is a good story teller.
The audio quality of While My Pretty One Sleeps is faultless. Jessica Walter enunciates clearly and reads with smooth assurance. Her voice work in terms of characters is very good changing just enough of her pitch and timber to let the listener know when a different character is speaking.
The most satisfying part of While My Pretty One Sleeps though is the story itself. The story is set in the cut throat world of the New York fashion industry. When one of Neeve Kearny’s best customers, who also happens to be a columnist doing an expose on the fashion industry, is murdered Neeve and her former police officer father are plunged into the midst of a murder investigation. The story progresses well and plays fair with the listener who has every opportunity to figure out who done it.
This is easy and satisfying listening.

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