The Last Juror
John Grisham
Performed by Terrence Mann.
Random House

There are several requirements to an effective audio mystery novel.

First, and perhaps foremost: Immaculate sound. This recording has that.

Second: A good story. This recording has that.

Third: Judicious editing – a well abridged recording is a necessity. This recording has that.

Finally: A good voice performance. This recording has that in spades.

John Grisham is routinely drawn and quartered as being a “popular writer” as if that is something to be ashamed of. What Grisham does is tell good stories with believable characters, places and motivations. The Last Juror is just such a story. Willie Traynor takes over the county newspaper in Ford County Mississippi just in time to cover the most vicious murder the county has ever seen. When the scion of the most powerful family in the county goes to jail everyone knows that there will be a price to be paid.

Terrence Mann brings this novel so alive that it is difficult to even pause the story to get some work done. He is completely and totally each character he voices. The listener never has any trouble distinguishing between who is talking and the clear enunciation even while affecting a southern drawl is an achievement which should not go un-remarked. There is no weak point to this audio performance it is flawless in sound, voice and execution.

Anyone who enjoys a good story will enjoy this audio book from start to finish.

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