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Random House Audio

The Russia House as read by John le Carré was a pleasure to listen to. Aside from the obvious advantage of hearing the author himself interpret his own words with the sound and emphasis he feels they should have there is the added advantage of knowing that the abridged version was definitely approved of by the author himself.

Set during the time of Glasnost British publisher Barley Blair finds himself caught up in the international spy game with British and American interests managing his life as he himself spirals into uncontrollable love for the beautiful and vulnerable Katya. In addition to the intriguing story of international espionage among idealistic amateurs and the professional spies who take advantage of them we have the surprising voice talent of le Carré himself. Every turn of phrase, every characters voice and attitude are perfectly turned by the author in a simply perfect performance of his work. There are no flaws to this recording. The sound is smooth and even with no audio surprises of any kind. The production values are excellent.

Anyone new to le Carré or any fan of him will be happy with this abridged audio version. An unabridged version would have been more interesting but if you have limited time on your hands the abridged version is well worth the listen.