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512 pages

Publisher: Dell

The Hard Way is a caffeine driven storyline in more ways than one. The story starts outside an N.Y.C. coffee shop where Jack Reacher (a.k.a. Reacher) is having a coffee. Being a life long bad ass and former military police special investigator Reacher notices everything around him he is always attuned to what is happening. On this particular day Reacher notices someone asking questions about him – well not him in specific but about who may have been at the cafe outside the previous day: Reacher fits that description. What follows is a story of black-ops, international intrigue and superb story telling that only Lee Child could deliver with such ease.

Edward Lane's wife and daughter have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom. The owner, operator and commander of a security company Lane has made a great many enemies in his life and is all too willing to believe that the kidnappers will carry out their threat to kill mother and child. This is not the first time Lane's family has been targeted his previous wife was killed in a kidnapping. Reacher involves himself for the same reason he involves himself in so many other escapades – it peaks his curiousity. In the company of a group of mercenaries, most of whom are cut from special forces cloth, Reacher stands out not only for his size but for his ability to investigate and reach conclusions.

Like most Jack Reacher novels The Hard Way has a good deal of twists and turns and enough mystery to keep it balanced between action and suspense: Definitely worth a look.