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The Enemy
Lee Child
496 pages
Dell (April 26, 2005)

The toughest MP in the 110th receives a call on New Year’s Eve about a dead soldier in a seedy motel. It’s happened before and it will no doubt happen again so Reacher palms it off on the locals only to get a phone call a little later from his commanding officer pointing out that the dead soldier was a two star general and it might be best if Reacher put in an appearance: Thus begins The Enemy.

Picking up a Lee Child novel is a double edged sword. On the one hand you are promised a great read and on the other hand you will probably stay up longer than you ought to in order to finish the book. The Enemy has everything you expect from Lee Child – crisp dialogue, a strong story line, some great action sequences and as always the unexpected.

The unexpected comes not in the form of a dead general but rather in the form of the Army itself and the reluctance to investigate anything with regards to the death of the general. Lee Child blends the private and professional life of Reacher in a practically seamless narrative which constantly moves the story forward while dropping hints to the reader at to the eventual resolution of the mysterious death of the general.

This man’s army is a strange place to the uninitiated and Child does a tremendous job of explaining the competitive nature of the different corps within the army. Between the 110th, Delta, Psyops, Armoured and infantry there is a lot of ground to cover on two continents and with Reacher as both investigator and guide the reader is taken on one of the most entertaining Jack Reacher novels in the series.