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466 pages


One Shot, one non stop read. It has been a long time since a book hit my desk that resulted in staying awake to the wee hours of the morning to finish the book. Lee Child's combination of thriller and procedural with a great hero figure in the character of Jack Reacher is a winner to begin with but when he combines it with an amazing story line it is irresistible.

James Barr, retired Army sniper, is accused of killing five people with six shots from a parking garage over a plaza. The evidence is perfect and it looks like a slam dunk case for the D.A. There is a hitch though and that is the only thing Barr will say is “Get me Jack Reacher.” So begins a long, twisted and exciting tale of murder and political intrigue.

The sole difficulty when trying to review a story like One Shot is that anything said about the story can be a spoiler – it is that tightly written. Lee Child is as economical with his words as his protagonist is with his movements. Jack Reacher is a great investigator and a genuine tough guy who is the kind of likable that is firmly founded in his sense of fair play and taking everything into consideration even if he thinks it is probably B.S.

One Shot is an excellent read from start to finish. This is Lee Child at his very best.