Two Kinds of Truth
Michael Connelly
A Harry Bosch Novel
Little, Brown and Company 2017
402 pages

One sign of having a major depression is not being able to finish a Michael Connelly mystery in four sittings or less. My apologies then to the fans of this site for being late on the review of the twentieth Harry Bosch novel Two Kinds of Truth which features Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller. But you already know: It’s a Connelly so of course it’s great. Kindle Two Kinds of Truth (A Harry Bosch Novel) on Kindle

Two Kinds of Truth refers to many things in this novel. One is what the evidence says versus what the story is. This applies to two of the plots in this mystery. In one Bosch is accused of falsifying evidence to convict a man some twenty years ago and all the evidence seems to prove he did even if he did not. Revealing the other would be a spoiler.

Another plot line has Bosch going undercover to find out who killed a young pharmacist and his father. The father was caught up in the drug trade, his son objected, and they both paid the price. Oddly enough, although this is not the main plot line of Michael Connelly’s novel, it is the one that packs the most action.

It is nice to see Michael Connelly‘s Bosch, Haller, and Haller’s sidekick Cisco together again but storm clouds may be brewing within this trio.

This reader was pleased to see that Connelly has taken the habit of having Bosch have a good night’s sleep once in a while as it prompts the reader to do so too. In earlier novels you dared not go to sleep if Bosh was still awake for fear of missing something.