The Atwelle Confession
Joel Gordonson
Select Books 2017
288 pages

The Atwelle Confession is a historical thriller by Joel Gordonson.

The church in the small community of  Atwelle, England is struggling financially during the time when Henry VIII is seeking the emancipation from his marriage to Anne Boleyn that spurred his bold break from the Catholic church.   Consequences could be dire. Kindle The Atwelle Confession

Centuries later, the Atwell parish experiences difficulties when the church is slated for renovation.  Politics and finances are only the beginning of what the two eras hold in common.  Copy cat murders seemingly heralded by the demonic-looking gargoyles that are hidden in the rafters, become part of the frightening thread that ties them together.

More of an eventual light horror novel than a mystery per se, The Atwelle Confession is a quick and easy read.  At times spooky, and other times shocking, the plot slips back and forth between 1532 and the present day.  It is interesting to learn about the politics, feuding families and life in ancient times, as well as the strange discoveries when the church renovations take place some 500 years later.

At first, you wonder what is going to happen as the gargoyles become more and more menacing, but once you catch on to the premise, the murders become somewhat predictable, and the plot less enjoyable than it would be if you were entirely surprised.

The reason behind the murders is impossible to discern but the excitement builds and centuries-old evil is revealed.

The Atwelle Confession is a good enough read.  Someone who enjoys historical horror would find it  enjoyable.