Michael Connely’s excellent Resurrection Walk opens at Corcoran State prison where Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller is for the release of a wrongfully convicted man. This man will take what Haller calls the resurrection walk.

In this 38th mystery featuring either Harry Bosch, Mickey Haller, or Renee Ballard Michael Connelly has Boch teaming up with Haller on Haller’s very own version of the Innocence Project. Haller’s client is Lucinda Sanz who pled guilty to killing her cop husband. Haller and Bosch feel she had bad counsel and is innocent.

Resurrection Walk elegantly changes from the points of view of Bosch and Haller without ever confusing the reader. The review of the Sanz case in federal court starts halfway through this mystery and, as always, Michael Connelly keeps the reader’s adrenaline pumping to the very end.

A couple of things that should be noted for long-time Connelly fans. The author insists again on Bosch’s mortality. This time he has the former LAPD detective listen to Wayne Shorter’s “Harry’s Last Stand” twice in a row.

I was less convinced by one scene in Resurrection Walk. The judge disallows one testimony for technical reasons but it is nothing Haller could not have repeated using another expert witness, even one that appeared on Law & Order.

I very much enjoyed the humorous penultimate chapter of this thriller

Resurrection Walk is yet another excellent Michael Connelly mystery.

Resurrection Walk
Michael Connelly
A Lincoln Lawyer mystery
Little, Brown and Company 2023
403 pages

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