Originally written as a 16 part series for the New York Times Magazine, this expanded version of The Overlook is the most recent of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch mystery novels. Kindle: The Overlook (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 13)

The Overlook by Michael Connelly begins when Dr. Stanley Kent is found murdered execution style on a stretch of road overlooking Los Angeles’ Mulholland Dam. As personally unassuming as Wonder bread Kent piques investigative interest when he is revealed to be a medical physicist with uncommon access to restricted storage facilities at multiple L.A. hospitals.

In this post 9/11 world it is quickly discerned that it is not an ordinary homicide but one that poses a distinct and immediate threat to U.S. national security. The struggle for investigative power and control between the LAPD and the FBI begins. Their mutual distrust, coupled with distinct and often conflicting objectives and priorities foster less than stellar desires for cooperation and stir the pot enough to spark Bosch into taking matters in his own hands. Unexpectedly playing for the Feds is profiler Special Agent Rachel Walling. The ensuing tension that stems from her previous professional and personal history with Bosch makes her both a complication and a reluctant ally.

The Overlook is a slick, fast-paced mystery novel. The reader is quickly drawn in as momentum and excitement build exponentially, taking some very clever and unexpected twists along the way. An unsolved murder is interesting in its own right but there is also the feel of something larger and more malevolent happening to ratchet up the danger level of an almost perfect crime.

Michael Connelly is no nonsense and in complete control, using his straightforward, intelligent style to reveal crucial puzzle pieces, the perfect bait, at precisely the right moments. He does this just enough to feed the reader’s need and growing desire for more. Using references to familiar news items, Connelly plays on but does not exploit the fears and vulnerabilities born of the Twin Towers and perpetuated by the current political climate. Add this to a tight plot and excellent characters and The Overlook becomes real.

The Overlook is brilliant, seamlessly written, and believable. We are grateful this mystery was released as a novel. It is far too compelling and addictive a read for many die-hard fans to cultivate the patience to endure the wait between each segment of the original New York Times Magazine serial.

Once again, Michael Connelly proves himself to be an excellent writer; the master of his game. If one could die from the obsessive ingestion of mystery novels, he would make it one hell of a way to go.

Michael Connelly
The Overlook
Little, Brown and Company 2007

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