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Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise
Tom Selleck, Edward Edwards, William Devane
Directed by Robert Harmon
Made For TV 2006
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
87 minutes

Tom Selleck trades his famed Magnum P.I. Hawaiian shirts for the Jesse Stone’s Paradise Police Department hat in the third Jesse Stone DVD, Death In Paradise. This is the third made for TV movie based on Robert B. Parker’s latest series of mystery novels. Selleck is perfect for the part of the aging, semi-alcoholic cop and director Robert Harmon has the talent to make a visually gorgeous movie without it ever getting in the way of story. Death In Paradise may be a made for TV movie but it is far from your usual brainless thriller.

Death In Paradise is based on the third Jesse Stone mystery novel by Robert B. Parker and follows the novel pretty closely. The body of a fourteen year old surfaces in the local waters and a local guy gets in trouble for beating up his wife. Jesse Stone, Tom Selleck, investigates the death and gets involved in the life of the man’s wife. There is also a certain interest for the local schoolmarm.

What bothers Stone most about the dead young girl is how uncaring her father seems to be about what happened to her. He also discovers she had an interest in a local writer who has ties to the Boston mob. Of interest here is also Stones relationship with his shrink, and former alcoholic ex-cop played with great restraint by William Devane.

Selleck is excellent in the title role but what really makes Death In Paradise a great mystery DVD is the writing and the filming itself. This is a dark, moody movie and what stands out most is the lighting and how scenes are framed.  Especially gorgeous, eerily enough are the scenes of the young girl floating in the water. Adding to the weird factor is the fact Stone sees the dead girl in and out of his dreams.

There is absolutely nothing to dislike about the latest Jesse Stone DVD Death In Paradise. This is a smart, gorgeously filmed made for TV movie. It is a must for any Robert B. Parker and mystery movie fan.

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