Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy
A Greatest Hits Romance Mystery
Leslie Langtry
Leisure Books 2007
335 pages

Dubbed a mystery romance by the publisher, Scuse me While I Kiss This Guy is a comic novel about a soccer mom contract killer. There is a romance element in this over the top thriller but it plays second fiddle to the main story. This means a guy can enjoy this first book in Leslie Langtry s Greatest Hits Mystery series as long as he keeps the front cover hidden.

Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy is the story of thirty-something widow Virginia, Gin Bombay. The Bombay family has been in the contract killing business since time immemorial. There is a family reunion every five years on Santa Muerte Island –Langtry is not afraid of the obvious– where the family catches up and initiates the youngest kids into the family business. Gin becomes a bit stressed out when the elders call for a meeting only a year after the last one. This means she will have to reveal all to her five year old daughter

To add to her stress level, she is given a contract right in her neighborhood and, for the romance element, falls in love with a cute guy who just happens to be a professional bodyguard.

This is a very irreverent mystery. Leslie Langtry rides the outrageous elements of her story at full gallop and this makes for a very entertaining, lightweight read.

Other books in Leslie Langtry’s Greatest Hits series include in order Guns Will Keep Us Together, Stand By your Hitman, and I Shot You Babe. Each features a different member of the Bombay family.