The Fallen Girls is the first mystery in the Clara Jefferies mystery novel series by Kathryn Casey.
Truth be told, I got this thriller as a free Kindle. Honestly, I would not have regretted paying full price for this excellent, well-paced, and captivating mystery.

The Fallen Girls uses the trope of the detective who reluctantly goes back to her hometown to solve a mystery close to home. In this case, Delilah, one of Clara Jefferies many sisters has been kidnapped and nobody in Alber is very worried about it aside from a local cop.

What makes Alber particular is it is a town ruled by polygamist Mormon families and the code of silence is strictly enforced towards outsiders. Clara Jefferies, having left town when still a teen, is an outsider and nobody wants to speak to her, not even her own mother, who is also Delilah’s mother, and the other mothers of the family.

Also, Alber has fallen on very hard times as the government raided the town a few years ago and jailed a few of the men, including the town patriarch.

The more she investigates, the more Clara Jefferies is convinced there has been a crime and that other girls are missing but no one wants to talk. Even the local cop who called her in the first place backs down in front of the town.

The Fallen Girls may use a well-worn premise but the story and the characters are strong and original. It is hard to put The Fallen Girls down and the resolution will satisfy even the pickiest mystery novel reader.

The Fallen Girls
Kathryn Casey
A Detective Clara Jefferies Mystery
Bookouture 2020

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