Fox In A Box is a most appropriate name for this 4 DVD (3 action movies and a special featurettes DVD) set of early to mid-seventies blacksploitation movies starring Pam Grier. The Fox In A Box set includes the excellent Coffy, the not bad not great Foxy Brown, and the pretty decent Sheba, Baby. A seventies Pam Grier action movie was basically a low budget affair starring Grier in various states of undress (but less and less so as her career moved on), lots of jive talking bad guys, and loads of violence (but again less and less so).

Coffy stars Pam Grier as a nurse out for vengeance when her little sister is incapacitated by bad drugs. She gets even more determined when her cop boyfriend is made into a vegetable by some corrupt cops. There is a lot of nudity, cat fighting, sex, and violence in Coffy, a perfect example of the blaxploitation movie. Written and directed by Jack Hill, Coffy is definitely a fun movie to watch even some thirty some years later.

Foxy Brown, also starring Pam Grier of course, is the lesser of the 3 action movie DVDs in the Vibe Fox In A Box collection. Grier again plays a nurse out to avenge her cop boyfriend death and this involves a lot of violence and undressing. The supporting cast in Foxy Brown does not quite deliver nor does the script by writer and director Jack Hill.

Sheba, Baby is the third action movie DVD in Fox In A Box. This time Pam Grier plays a Philadelphia private eye who goes back home to Louisville, Kentucky when she learns her father’s loan operation is threatened by the local mob. Directed by William Girdler, who borrowed the dragging the bad guy scene from Coffy, this is a competent B movie that is fun to watch especially when the action definitely picks up halfway through the movie.

The featurette DVD includes Pam Grier: Super Foxy and From Blaxploitation to Hip-Hop. Both of these eighteen minute features present these blacksploitation movies as seminal an influential. Okay, sure.

Vibe Fox in a Box
Pam Grier
Coffy, Foxy Brown, Sheba, Baby
3 Blaxploitation DVDs plus Featurette DVD
MGM Home Video 2005

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