Foxy Brown
Pam Grier, Terry Carter, Kathryn Loder
Written and directed by Jack Hill
American International 1974
MGM Home Video 2005
91 minutes

Foxy Brown is one of the three Pam Grier blacksploitation movies available in the Vibe Fox In A Box set along with Coffy, Sheba, Baby, and a DVD with a couple of documentaries on Pam Grier and blaxploitation. Made after the very interesting, sexy, and violent Coffy, Foxy Brown is definitely cool and camp but it does not have as many nude scenes and the lesser writing makes it a lesser offering than Coffy.

Foxy Brown is a nurse whose boyfriend, Michael, was a DEA agent who was shot and presumed dead by some bad guys. He leaves the hospital under a new identity, Foxy’s no good brother quickly discovers Michael was the DEA agent, sells him out to Miss Katherine Wall, the crime boss who runs a modeling agency as a front for a hooker and drugs operations that keeps police and judges happy. Foxy decides to avenge Michael’s death and that is where the fun begins, unfortunately some 50 minutes into the movie.

Fortunately, the pace picks up with a vengeance (pun intended) after that. There is a cool scene where Foxy embarrasses a judge, a fight in a lesbian bar complete with bad stunt coordination, clumsy stuntwomen, and loads of breakaway furniture, and a rather cartoonish chase scene involving Foxy Brown, a hooker friend of hers and the bad guys.

Foxy Brown is gory without the story and acting to make it palatable in a movie with plot holes you can drive a truck through. Still, as part of the Vibe Fox In A Box set, this is something you got to watch just for the 70’s costumes and stuff and a knowledge of what the blaxploitation genre was all about. This time, the audio comment by writer and director Jack Hill is not as interesting as Coffy.

I guess Foxy Brown was not quite my cup of Coffy.

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