Wild Things Trilogy
Susan Ward, Katie Stuart, Leila Arcieri
Directed by Jack Perez
Columbia TriStar 2003
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005
95 minutes

Wild Things 2, available in the Wild Things Trilogy, is basically out to milk the success of the mystery thriller Wild Things with Neve Campbell, Kevin Bacon, and Denise Richards. If what you liked in the original was the sex scenes and nudity, you will not be served very well by Wild Things 2. If you enjoyed the cleverness of the original, pass.

In Wild Things 2 Susan Ward plays Britnney Havers (or the Neve Campbell character from the original with a few minor changes), a senior who is orphaned when her step dad dies in a plane crash. To add to her woes, her step dad’s will leaves her with only twenty-five thousand dollars a year and his fortune and the two million dollars in life insurance will go to a country club unless a blood heir can be found. That is where bad girl and Britnney enemy Maya King (played by Leila Arcieri) comes in to claim the money.

This is also where insurance investigator Terence Bridge (Isaiah Washington) suspects foul play. This may be because the Miami cops are investigating the plane crash and not the National Transportation Safety Board as would be the case in the real world. It could also be perhaps because he smells a rat, in this case a dead swamp rat found in the wreckage. He also sweats a lot for some reason. He is basically the Kevin Bacon character of the original Wild Things.

Wild Things 2 shares many of the plot twists of Wild Things except the writers replaced the lawsuit money with inheritance money. The girls are friends after all and they have a male secret partner. Susan Ward has the same problems about dropping her clothes as Neve Campbell did in the original though this may be because her dressing gown has a tendency to slide off and on and off and on her shoulders in the threesome scene that matches shot for shot the one in the original movie.

Wild Things 2: Less sex, more glaring continuity errors (like arriving at Gator Alley in one car but leaving separately in two), same basic plot.

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