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In Bruges
Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Clemence Poesy
Written / Directed by Martin McDonagh
Alliance Atlantis / Universal 2008
107 minutes

In Bruges is an excellent and one hell of a very weird DVD. This dark comedy gangster movie manages to both please the eye and surprise at just about every turn. In a world of formulaic movies, In Bruges really stands out.

Not to get filmlosophical but In Bruges is about the coexistence of good and bad in the same person, sticking to your principles and a code of honor, and whether or not Bruges is a shithole.

Ray and Ken (Colin Farell, Brendan Gleeson) have been sent to Bruges while things cool off after a hit. Brendan rather enjoys this very medieval Belgian town while Ray is wondering what the hell he is doing there.

This movie slowly develops its characters and its story so you have to go along with it. Fortunately director Martin McDonald always keeps you interested either through the dialogue, the characters, or gorgeous shots of a town that had yet to be immortalized on film. There is little to do in Bruges and this causes both Ray and Ken to think a bit about who they are and what they do.

In Bruges has many strange scenes and characters; Ray gets interested in a movie assistant who is not quite what she seems to be; Ray and Ken hook up with a dwarf with very strange ideas about race relations; while some of the jokes are at the expense of the ugly American – and Canadian.

The violence in In Bruges is sudden, quite bloody, and appropriately darkly comic. This is a visually stunning movie. There is a really cool scene that echoes the Hieronymus Bosch painting seen earlier.

In Bruges: there is nothing quite like this DVD.

DVD Extras for In Bruges include decent Deleted and Extended scenes, a gag reel, When In Bruges, Strange Bruges, and the visually interesting A Boat Trip Around Bruges which is right out of National Geographic, as well as Fucking Bruges.