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Vantage Point ? 2-Disc Special Edition
Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt
Matthew Cox, Sigourney Weaver, Eduardo Noriega
Directed by Pete Travis
Widescreen / Fullscreen
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
90 minutes

The way I see it Vantage Point is brilliant. This DVD is an extremely addictive political thriller. The first time you watch Vantage Point it is difficult not to constantly rewind a scene to make sure you did not miss anything. Try not to as it takes away from the tension director Pete Travis builds. Anyway, this is a keeper you'll watch quite a few times.

Vantage Point is the story of an assassination attempt on the President of the United States in Salamanca, Spain. For the first part of the movie the same ten or so minutes of the story are repeated through the eyes of the newscasters, one of the President's bodyguards, a Spanish policeman, an American tourist with a video camera i.e. the Zapruder of the story, the President himself, and three other characters.

Each segment ends on a cliffhanger as the movie rewinds back to twelve noon and the first minutes of the events. Once all the points of view are shown the story picks up where it originally stopped and every event connects to the other.

Yes, Vantage Point could have been one of those cute trick gimmick movies. Fortunately, the story is intelligent and director Pete Travis keeps events in this political thriller going at one hell of a clip and doesn't waste any time on superficial stuff. Yes, you do see the same story but each version is entirely different, reveals details the previous character did not see, and brings the movie a little further.

Travis makes the viewer want to know what happens next even before the next version of the same events begins.

If you are not aware of the structure of this DVD the first rewind to another character's viewpoint is a little disconcerting but you quickly get used to it and the whole thing makes sense.

It's been a while since a movie has had me on the edge of my seat: Vantage Point blew me off my chair.

This 2 DVD set includes a director's commentary that is better than most. The second disc includes a digital copy of the movie (don't know why there's an expiration date though), outtakes, interviews with the cast and crew, a short on plotting an assassination, and something on coordinating the stunts.