Wild Things Unrated
Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Kevin Bacon
Wilds Things 2
Susan Ward, Leila Arcieri
Diamonds In The Rough
Marie Clifford, Sandra McCoy, Jay Clifford
3 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005

If you like a lot of titillation with your mystery, the Wilds Things Trilogy box set will probably please you. The original, Wild Things, and the third, Diamonds In The Rough are both clever thrillers with a threesome thrown in. Wilds Things 2, although pretty much a copy of the original, still features a few hot scenes and bare breasts and a somewhat decent plot.

The setting is Blue Bay, a rich Florida community where each year a rich girl in her senior year has a thing for the school’s trailer trash girl. The two girls get some law enforcement dude involved in a scheme of some kind that involves framing somebody, a dark secret, and, of course, a threesome. There is the obligatory pool party where at least one high school girl is topless. This may not sound like much but the various writers for the Wild Things movies still manage to take this skeleton and flesh it out not only with bodacious babes but with quite a few decent twists that keep you guessing and interested if you do not think too hard.

Wild Things Unrated has Neve Campbell (and her body double) and Denise Richards scheming with a student counselor to sue the rich girl’s family for falsely accusing the counselor of rape. A few hot scenes later a body ends up in the swamp and a few cool and surprising plot twists later you get the final reveal. This is the same basic idea used in Wild Things 2 except this time it is Susan Ward and Leila Arcieri doing the scheming, a dead stepfather providing the twists, and a black cop doing the investigating. Diamonds In The Rough keeps the same basic story line with Sarah Laine and Sandra McCoy but this time the stepfather is alive and there are priceless diamonds involved. This last installment is almost as good as the original.

Wild Things Trilogy, cool mystery DVDs for those who like a few hot scenes and decent twists without burning too many brain cells.

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