Diamonds In The Rough
Wild Things Trilogy
Sarah Laine, Sandra McCoy, Brad Johnson
Directed by Jay Lowi
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005
87 minutes

Every year, the richest senior at Blue Bay High School gets involved in some complicated plot involving the local skank or trailer trash and a lot of money. You would think the police would have caught on after the adventures of Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in Wilds Things, Susan Ward and Leila Arcieri in Wild Things 2, but they still do not get it so Sarah Laine (American Pie 2) and Sandra McCoy (The Hot Chick) are at it again in Wilds Things Diamonds In The Rough, the third Wild Things movie in the Wild Things Trilogy. Still, this third installment is almost as clever and as good as the original.

Wild Things Diamonds In The Rough is formulaic thriller all the way. The movies always have as a second scene a moment in the school auditorium where the local police has been invited for a talk on a subject central to the plot (of sorts) of the movie. This time, the topic is rape and one of the speakers is Doctor Johnson (no pun intended I hope) the forensic examiner, and a probation officer who happens to be Elena’s (Sandra McCoy) caseworker. Of course, no Wild Things movie is complete without a lot of girls in bikinis and this time the excuse is that Marie (Sarah Laine) is on the school diving team. The plot this time is the trailer trash girl accuses the rich girl’s stepfather of rape. The rich girl convinces him to stop challenging her mother’s will and let her have the priceless diamond earrings so she can pay off the skank and buy his freedom. If you have seen a previous Wild Things, you know what is going to happen next: the two girls are going to get into a threesome with someone involved in the case and a body is going to be dumped in the swamp. Fortunately, Diamonds In The Rough is almost as clever as the original and there are some very clever plot twists so your interest never wanes.

Wilds Things Diamonds In The Rough, like all the other movies in this franchise, are titillation with a bit of mystery and thriller thrown in. You get a somewhat decent and, after the first one, not very original plot that justifies all the eye candy. However, Wild Things 3 has some decent plot twists that will definitely keep you interested. In many ways, this third franchise movie follows the rule of sequels in that the second movie usually sucks and the third one is usually almost as good as the original.

Sometimes you want a decent, entertaining mystery that will not force you to burn out more than a couple of brain cells while watching it and Wild Things is it.

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