Who is Maud Dixon? is an exciting mystery by new novelist Alexandra Andrews.
An outsider and former minion at Forrester Books, Florence Darrow wakes up in a Moroccan hospital bed to find herself being called Madame Wilcox. She has no memory of why she is there, but she is battered, bruised and in pain.
She is informed that she has been in a car accident.
Helen Wilcox is a reclusive, eccentric and wildly successful author, who very secretively writes under the pseudonym of Maud Dixon. Florence is the lowly assistant who idolizes her.
Florence assumes that Helen was killed in the crash, her body perhaps never to be found. An aspiring writer who believes she is due, she sees the event as a wonderful opportunity, and makes no attempt to correct the mistaken identity.
Florence rises out of her own ashes to become Helen Wilcox, and down the rabbit hole we go. She assumes Helen’s profession, philosophy and her difficult, forceful personna. Will that be the key to the success she deserves, or her ultimate downfall?
Who is Maud Dixon is exciting, deep and delightfully twisted. Highly psychological, we can understand the main characters’ motivation, and maybe relate just a little to one or the other.
Alexandra Andrews’ writing is intelligent. She captures and holds her audience with great skill; very impressive for a new novelist.
Her characters are complex and cunning, and the plot has just enough twists and turns to keep the reader interested and completely engaged.
I can hardly wait for the next Alexandra Andrews.
So, who is Maude Dixon? You simply HAVE TO find out.

Who is Maud Dixon?
Alexandra Andrews
Little, Brown and Co 2021
336 pages

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