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Alexandra?s Project
Helen Buday, Gary Sweet
Written and directed by Rolf De Heer
Australia 2003
103 minutes

Alexandra's project is wicked. It is also smart, well planned, and acted out beautifully. The very same can be said about the DVD Alexandra's Project. I kept coming across this Australian psychological thriller at the video club and kept passing it up, even on sell through. Well, I only wish I had watched this hell of a thriller before.

It is Steve's birthday and he is having one of the best days of his life. His kids wake him up with presents, people at work throw him a surprise party, and he gets a promotion at work. The only cloud in his life is his wifeAlex who seems to be a bit unhappy and very safety conscious with deadbolts and iron screens everywhere in the house. That morning, she promises him a special evening and sends him off to work. She then excuses the kids from school and prepares Steve's surprise.

It is the surprise that really makes Alexandra's Project such a great psychological thriller. When Steve arrives home the locks have been changed, the lights are out, and there is a video waiting for him. This is what Alex has been working on for quite a while and shatters Steve's comfortable life in suburbia and how he sees himself.

Revealing any more about Alexandra's project would be taking some of the great tension away from this absolutely original movie. This is a brilliant non-violent thriller with adult subject matter (and nudity for those Christian prudes out there who will be missing out on a great movie) and most certainly and absolutely not in no way under any circumstance whatsoever even with a gun to your head a DVD you want to watch with your meaningful other. You'll want to discuss what brought on Alexandra's project and guys, you'll lose that one.