Innocents Lost A Jesse Stone movie
Tom Selleck, Kohl Sudduth, Kathy Baker
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

The Jesse Stone mystery DVD are always a treat. Originally based on the Robert B. Parker character and series and then written independently, the CBS series stars Tom Selleck as the Paradise MA police chief.  Jesse Stone has his own way of doing things that the cops working for him appreciate but that rub most of the Paradise city council the wrong way.

In Innocents Lost Jesse Stone has cut off as much contact as possible from society after losing his job as police chief and ripping the phone from the wall so as not to be able to talk to his ex-wife. These events make an already moody TV mystery series even more so.

This time, a girl Stone once helped is found dead of an overdose. She was on her way to Stone and wanted to talk to him. Also, Commander Healy –a crossover character from the Spenser series—has him looking into another case when he is unsure the right man is being prosecuted. This is a rather dull section.

Innocents Lost is good but is a comparatively weaker instalment in a very strong series. There is something a bit too woe is me about Stone this time around. The weakest link in the story is the dead girl. The plot suggests Stone to cared about her and helped her get out of trouble but the viewer is not given enough information to see why she was special.

All the elements of a good Jesse Stone movie are there but the pieces do not quite gel and the whole feels somewhat formulaic.

Goof: When Stone goes to the rehab facility he checks in with a security guard in a booth and is then let in past a metal gate. Right next to the guard’s booth is ungated space that shows the gate and booth were created for the movie.

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